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First tour stop and the book blogger loved Discovery!  Check it out!

DISCOVERY is touring with TLC Book Tours July 15 to August 29.  Follow along!

Today I visited with fellow author HJ Harley - and her off the wall questions kept me on my toes!

Want to find out more about my new book DISCOVERY?  Check out these happenings:
All week April 22-26 I am featured on the Ask the Romance Expert column on the Crimson Romance website.
April 22 - Release Day for DISCOVERY!  Tune into local NBC affiliate WCYB News at Noon for a sneak peak at DISCOVERY.
April 23 - Find me at 8:00 a.m on The Steve Hawkins Show on Supertalk WFHG where we'll be talking romance and eReaders.
April 24 - Tune into Daytime Tricities on local CBS affiliate WJHL from 10:00 to noon where I will be a featured guest discussing Powers, Anti-Powers and the Council trying to control them all.
April 25 - I am a guest on fellow author Robyn Neeley's blog.
April 26 - I am a guest on the Crimson Romance Editor's blog.


In celebration of National Library Week, I will be signing copies of THE LAWS OF LOVE at the Bristol Public Library, 701 Goode Street, Bristol, Virginia on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the library so please mark your calendars and stop by!

I've signed with Trish Collins from TLC Book Tours for a virtual book tour of THE LAWS OF LOVE. It is also one of her featured books for her November book clubs so if you want a chance to win 10 free copies for your book club, please let her know. You can follow the tour at

Today I am the featured author on Romancing-the-Book!  This is a great website for all you romance lovers out there - and they are giving away a free copy of THE LAWS OF LOVE!  Check out the link below to enter the contest, but hurry - the contest ends December 8th!

Heather Thurmeier interviewed me today - come see what Armani and baby spit up have in common!

K.M. Jackson, author of Through the Lens, interviewed me on her blog.  Find out why Jake just had to be a veteran.

Laura Simcox, author of Summer Promises, is another lover of small town romances.  Come see what else we have in common (here's a hint: Jessica Lange's Ex??).

Galen Rose, author of A Place to Rest My Heart, hosted me today.  How sweet is she!  Come see why the reality show Hoarders is next on my press stop.

Beth Yarnall, author of Rush, hosted me on her blog today.  I just love her website's Mae West quote: "Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often."  Isn't that great! 

Today I am honored to be the featured guest on Nikkie Locke's blog. Nikkie is the author of Unbound and loves high cheekbones and British accents on a man as much as I do.  Come visit!

A Lady in Red helped capture the notorious John Dillinger in 1934 - but today's Ladies in Red from Crimson Romance are a whole new breed. Visit the Ladies in Red site where you can meet today's featured Lady in Red - Me!  And celebrate the release of THE LAWS OF LOVE today!

Can women really have it all?  I don't think so!  See this week's Editor's Blog at Crimson Romance. 

Don't laugh! But I am the Romance Expert at Crimson Romance this week!  Okay you can stop laughing now.  No, really.  Stop laughing and check out the article.

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